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lastest hemp oil vaporizer made by Nextrend

Nextrend Touch Vape pen

  • No button to operate the  Nextrend Vape pen. This is one of the best features of this vape, it is the easiest vaporizer to use on the market.
  • No heat up time at all or multiple presses of a button. No buttons means no accidental vapes in your pocket too.
  •  specific CO2 extracted honey oil
  • New atomizer with every cartridge so the heating elements always stay fresh
  • Automatic shut off after 8 seconds for the “Perfect puff”
  • Some dispensaries (Point Loma) are offering the pen for free with the purchase of two cartridges
  • The pen fits comfortably in your pocket and is only an inch or so longer than most phones. If you have problems fitting it in your pocket you can always unscrew the cartridge and then the two pieces.
  • The battery lasts forever. you can go 4-5 days of heavy use without having to charge the vape pen Since the pen charges by USB it is really easy to charge.
  • The cartridges are interchangeable so you can use your sativa cartridge during the day and indica at night
  • LED lights on the bottom of the pen that light up when you hit it and charge it.
  • Even has a stylus on the end for further functionality

vape pen-blue-glowing-tip

cartridgesSize – The vape pen with cartridge attached is about an inch longer than an iPhone.  With the cartridge detached it breaks down into two pieces smaller than a cigarette. It fits comfortably in a pants pocket.

    • Durable – The vape pen is made from metal.  The cartridges have plastic but they are disposable so it’s expected.  The cartridge and device have a threaded metal connection.
    • Stylish and Sleek – It looks cool and has a small profile.  When I take it out in public people either don’t notice or when they do think find it intriguing and mysterious.
    • Battery Life – Even with daily use you can go 3 to 4 weeks without having to recharge my pen.  This blew me away and is one of the most impressive parts of the pen.
    • Cartridges – vape pen’s Cartridges are easy to change
    •  Even Buzz – The oil provides a consistent and even buzz.   CBD cartridge





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