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Touch 280mah auto battery C

1.Atomizer capacity:0.3ml/0.4ml/0.6ml/1.0ml

2.300-400 puffs, LED lights light up when puffing.

3. No leak, no burnt, no button just puff

4.Rechargeable 280mAh 510 thread slim battery,portable in your pocket

5.Perfect for CBD hemp oil and all flavor e liquids

6.Rubber stylus could be as a handwritten pen for mobile phone & tablet PC

7.Just draw air through the mouthpiece, and the unit automatically heats up to release vapor

Product Description

Touch 280mah auto battery C

280mah battery Length 85mm
E-cigarett Diameter 9.6mm
Weight of 280mah battery  15g
Each Cartomizer Supplies 360 Puffs
Each Cartomizer equals cigarettes 24pcs
Content of E-cigarette battery 280mAh
Electric cigarett Working Voltage 3.3~4.2V


1. Convenient Standby Mode:

When the electronic cigarette is not in use, it keeps standby mode. Just vape it instead of running the power again when the user starts another vape.

2. Cool Handwritten Pen:

the touch vape pen can also be used as a  stylus of phones or Pad. Enjoy the tasteful E Cigarette as well as touch convenience.

3. Charming LED Light Indicator:

When the E cigarette is in use state, the built-in LED light will be turned on/off automatically to mimic real smoking.

4.Healthy Power-Off Function:

vaping more than five seconds at a time, the LED light will flash three times then the power will be switched off automatically to protect your health and the cartridge. The power will resume automatically when you start a new vaping try.

5.Low-Voltage Alarm System:

When the vape pen battery voltage is low than 3.3V, the low-voltage-alarm function will be functioning, with indicator light flashing 10 times continually to remind customers to charge the battery.

6. Easy Charging Process:

Connect the adapter through USB, charging indicator light will change from green to red. When the charging is complete, the indicator light will turn green again.

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